Learn how to network

Learn how to Network  

When looking for a job you cannot rely entirely on your own experience, all the more so when it is your first job or have been away from the corporate world for a number of years. This is where networking will help you.

Networking can take different forms, but it always involves getting to know what other people think and sharing experiences.

You can begin by asking friends and relatives for their tips and experiences, but this is not enough.

Open up an account on LinkedIn and other career-related social networking websites to share your views and ask questions. Such websites are also a very useful tool in helping to decide upon your ideal career path, as well as being your first step towards researching your prospective employer.

Seek out websites focusing on your area of interest and subscribe to their newsletters and seek to identify articles of particular relevance to you and follow them (where applicable) to see what other persons are thinking and saying.

Look for short courses or seminars offering tips about job-seeking or trends in the corporate world. These are often organised by JobsPlus (Employment & Training Corporation), training providers and online courses.

Apart from teaching you new things, these courses offer the perfect opportunity to meet persons in a similar situation but with different experiences, with whom you could exchange views and contact details.

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