Our Mission

Our Mission

To serve our corporate and individual clients by building and developing skills, and matching the right talent with the right goals.

Our Vision and Drive

At Appletree Recruitment & Temping, our vision is to keep growing our reputation as Malta’s leading recruitment and temping agencies.

Our efforts to achieve that goal are driven by these core values:

 - Commitment to our corporate and individual clients.

We are deeply committed to meet the needs of both companies and job-seekers who require our professional services in the recruitment sector.

 - The right job for the right person.

We do our utmost to place each candidate in the right job to help them build their skills and to further their professional and personal development.

 - Adding value through talent.

We add value to our corporate clients’ investment by connecting them with the talent that can best meet their organisational objectives and increase their competitivity on the market.

Our Corporate Objectives

 - To maximize our potential and deliver exceptional business services.

 - To build long-lasting relationships with all our clients and candidates.

 - To become an Employer of Choice and the best Talent Provider in Malta.

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